TiO₂ Anatase (NorPro ST31119) ground sieved

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NorPro® ST31119 is a pelletized titania support with anatase crystal structure, a specific surface area of ca. 40 m²/g, a median pore diameter of 28 nm and a pore volume of 0.30 cm³/g. It is manufactured by Saint-Gobain NorPro®, one of the key suppliers of the catalyst industry with a broad portfolio of support materials and known for its constant product quality. Further information can be found at https://www.norpro.saint-gobain.com/catalyst-carrier/materials.

We provide the NorPro® ST31119 as whole pellets as well as in the form of powders with a sieve fraction according to your needs. Available sieve fractions range from < 160 micron to 1250 micron. The powders are obtained via grinding and sieving of the original pellets.

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