Catalyst Library and Custom-made Catalysts

With our improved methods, we created a library of catalysts that provides a large variety of nanoparticle and support material combinations.

We aim that our customers can independently choose the anchored nanoparticle and the support material. The existing catalyst library already comprises more than 10k combinations.  All catalysts from the library are produced after an order is placed. We aim to deliver the catalysts within 2-3 weeks. The actual delivery time can be checked in our webshop and depends mainly on current order volumes. 

Most catalysts from our library have a price range from 250-450 € for a 5 g sample whereby a TEM analysis can be added for further 100 € (prices do not include custom duties or other taxes). A selection of our offered catalysts with their prices can be found in our webshop

We also offer custom-made catalysts according the customers' specific demands. Since the development of new catalysts can be very elaborate and time-consuming the price for custom-made catalysts are calculated on the individual customers' demands.  

For any question or information please contact us directly

Catalyst Research Sets

For catalyst screenings we are offering more than 80 research sets. These sets consist of 3 – 4 catalysts in which only one single parameter is varied e.g. particle size, particle species or composition, loading or support material. All other parameters are kept constant. These sets enable investigations of certain parameter influences on the catalytic reaction. With an individually chosen combination of these sets it possible to conduct a large parameter study (see Pd-NP example below). 

All sets are presented in our webshop and an overview can be downloaded here . If you cannot find your preferred catalyst set please contact us for an individual offer.

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