Custom-made Catalysts

Our mission is to provide catalyst materials for which the properties can be specifically changed – namely the support material and the anchored nanoparticles. Customers can choose from a library of catalysts that comprises more than 10k combinations of supports and nanoparticles. We also develop and manufacture metal-supported catalysts on demand according to specific needs. 

custom made catalysts 

The development of supported noble metal catalysts or research on reaction mechanisms demand in most cases a screening of reaction parameters. Among those parameters, the properties of the supported catalysts are very difficult to control with common impregnation methods. Thus, altering the structure, the nanoparticle size or the support material  independently  is not a trivial task. We developed and improved existing catalyst syntheses in order to precisely adjust the properties of catalysts which enabled us to create a catalyst library.     

Our catalyst library   already  comprises more than 10.000 combinations of support material and anchored noble metal nanoparticles. It can enable a true catalyst screening since only one parameter can selectively be changed (e.g., the noble metal nanoparticle size). Further, we can produce and ship the catalysts within few weeks. The available catalysts, the corresponding support materials and the current delivery time can be found in our shop. In addition, we also offer individual catalyst developments according to the customer's specific requirements.    

Currently, customers can choose between metal oxide support materials from Saint-Gobain NorPro and carbon support materials from Cabot Corp. For decades, both companies as key suppliers of the catalyst industry stand for constant product quality and properties. The metal oxide materials are available as pellets and ground sieved powders from ground pellets, enabling customers to choose the same support material in sizes appropriate for their test reactors and scaled industrial setups.

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