Pt on α-Al₂O₃ (egg-shell catalyst material / SSA 1 m²/g)

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  • mean diameter of NPs
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  • TEM analysis

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This product consists of platinum nanoparticles (PtNPs) anchored on α-Al₂O₃ powder. The α-Al₂O₃ powder is derived from ground and sieved NorPro® SA5102 Al₂O₃ pellets. The NorPro® SA5102 Al₂O₃ material is a commercial catalyst support from Saint Gobain NorPro with mean pore diameters (MPDs) of 1.2 µm and a specific surface area (SSA) of 1 m²/g.

Our catalyst material is an egg-shell catalyst with PtNPs in the outer shell of the support. This outer shell has a thickness of less than 2 µm. The size of the support material (from each sieved fraction) and of the PtNPs can be chosen independently. The PtNPs feature narrow size distributions with polydispersities of about 25 %. Please choose your desired PtNP size, metal loading and sieve fraction of the support material (see drop down menu for options). Every catalyst material is custom made and therefore the mean size of the PtNPs can slightly differ between batches but we guarantee the mean size within ± 0.5 nm. Choose the optional TEM analysis to receive images as well as the size distribution for your catalyst material. In addition to the numerous offered combinations we also provide materials made according to your specifications. Please contact us for a quote or any further information.

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