Catalyst Research Set Support Material Variation

  • mean diameter of NPs
  • weight
  • Nanoparticle Species

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For catalyst screenings we are offering more than 80 research sets for which the particle size, particle species or composition, loading or support material can be varied. These sets enable investigations of certain parameter influences on the catalytic reaction. With an individually chosen combination of these sets it possible to conduct a large parameter study.
The research sets offered here consists of 4 catalysts in which the support material is varied. All other parameters are kept constant.
As an example: The herein presented research sets provide M-NPs at a certain size on alpha-Alumina, Titania, Zirconia and activated Carbon. Thus, if Pd-NPs with a mean diameter of 5 nm and 2 g per catalyst is chosen, the research set consists of the following 4 catalysts: (i) 2 g of Pd-NP @ alpha Alumnia, (ii) 2 g of Pd-NP @ Titania (anatase), (iii) 2 g of Pd-NP @ Zirconia and (iv) 2 g of Pd-NP @ activated carbon whereby for all 4 catalysts the NP size is 5 ± 0.5 nm and the metal loading 0.1% w/w.
An overview of all research sets can be found at our products page. If you cannot find your preferred catalyst set please contact us for an individual offer.

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